*Updated 6/17*

Alright I know I haven't been the best at taking care of this blog but things are going to change! I have decided to make a schedule to keep things organized. Here are my updated plans for this blog....

-I will try and get on it with posts. I know lately I haven't been active on the blog and keep taking long breaks but I will try my best for that to no longer happen. Here is my new and improved promise, a new post each month. I will try to post at least once a month. Of course though that is the minimum. I will try to post more than once a month but, I am promising at least a post a month. If I know that I am really busy, or won't be able to post in a while, I will keep you guys updated. Either through Google+ or Tumblr (whichever works best for you guys).

-Okay so since I have been gone for a while the old comments will take a while for me to get back to. Important: Also, the comments on the old Recommend a Male Yandere page has exceed the 200 limit. Those who commented after the 200 limit won't see their comment on this blog. I can see them though but, the only thing is I can't reply to those comments since it exceeded the limit. So unfortunately I can't reply to the comments from the time I was gone that were posted on that page. So sorry :(. If it was a comment that you would like a response to send me your question again through Google+. My updated plan for future comments is still the same though. I will work on getting back to comments that same day if I can depending on the time it is posted. Give me at most 3 days to respond to a comment. If I don't you are welcome to get mad at me or complain I will take it. You can comment on this blog or through Google+ the same rule applies for both. My email (yanderemales@aol.com) won't be active for a while so if you have to contact me you can send me a private message through Google+. I will work on getting another means of contacting me privately soon. That other means might be Tumblr I'm not sure yet. Depends.

-My updates for pages is the same. In the future I will be working on the pages on this site. I will try to update the ones that need to be updated and will try and make more based on requests, accessibility etc.

-This part is also the same. I know I keep saying that I will check it out but honestly I have a whole big list of male yanderes that I need to check out that I haven't gotten to. Over the course of this summer I will be working on checking them all out. If I don't get back to you I am sorry. The best way for me to get back to you is through posting about that yandere to be honest because then you know I considered them yandere. But still I will try my best to get back to you on whether I thought the person was yandere or not and my thoughts on the yandere. As always thanks for the recommendations. I think I receive more from you guys then I give. I always get recommendations for yanderes and I appreciate how hard you guys look for them. Thanks for sharing your findings with me and I will work hard in the future to repay you back with my own findings ^^. Also, I added another page for recommendations. Sorry for not attending to the 200 limit sooner :(.


  1. Hey, are you okay? You haven't posted in so long :c
    I'm worried!

  2. I think this blog is dead :(