☑15 Shades of Yandere!!☑

Update 7/20 - Original version of this page wasn't working so I made a new page and changed wording to apply to yanderes in general.

About: Similar to How to Spot A Yandere, this list describes the traits of possible yanderes. Rather then being vague and broad like the How to Spot A Yandere page, this is a more specific example of yandere behavior.

Nanami Haruka's 15 Shades of Yandere!!
  1. Phone Checking! (This one is a common case where the yandere checks the phone of their love interest and questions every contact of the opposite gender.)
  2. Jealousy! (This one is a must. The yandere gets jealous when his love interest talks to another person or even mentions another person.)
  3. Picture Saving! (First sign that the yandere might have more pictures of his love interest in his room all over the wall 0_0.)
  4. Says I Love You Often!  (The yandere jumps to the L O V E word pretty early on and constantly says it to his love interest.)
  5. Suicidal Tendencies! (Yandere threatens to kill himself if love interest doesn't respond to his feelings.)
  6. Constant Messaging! (Yandere will never leave love interest alone with messages and has to contact them at least once a day.)
  7. Stalking! (Obvious one. Yandere asks their love interest about random things that only they should know about, compliments their outfit through message when they are alone, etc.)
  8. Panic Mode! (Yandere goes crazy if they can't get in contact with their love interest.)
  9. Searching! (Purse, bookbag, etc. Yandere is always checking for evidence of their love interest cheating on them.)
  10. GPS! (So the yandere can always keep an eye on their love interest to make sure they are safe..)
  11. Jealousy Pt.2! (Yandere gets jealous of Parents, Siblings, Friends, and even Pets of their love interest, it doesn't matter. He wonders why his love interest doesn't confide in him or spend time with him as much as they do with them.)
  12. Marriage! (Yandere starts planning future for him and his love interest early on.)
  13. Do you hate me question! (Yandere always asks love interest if they hate him because as long as that is not true then they are fine with things for now. It is also used as a way to coerce love interest into accepting the yandere.)
  14. Let's Die Together! (Yandere can't bare the thought of having to live a life without their love interest.)
  15. Cohabitation! (In extreme cases yandere confines love interest to his home.)
*Well that's all for my list! Hope you enjoyed my craziness xD. Remember, if a character exhibits more than one of these traits they might be yandere!*

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  1. oh yay this page is back up again LOL

    if you didn't read my old comments... good. they were long as all hell XD i'll just put it point form for ya and for anybody else that might decide to read this

    -had boyfriend in the ninth grade who stalked me and took pictures of me without my consent before we started dating
    -got jealous about pretty much everyone but himself
    -forced a kiss on me
    -when i finally discovered that he'd stalked me and found out who i was by searching through the thousands of pictures in that year's yearbook, he became really concerned with whether or not i was unhappy about it (aka #13, do you hate me)
    -constantly said he loved me and even got anxious when i didn't start conversations first
    -went on vacation and he wanted to skype all the time, told me not to talk to any men, not even the men in my family
    -finally broke up with him and he went kinda nuts, saying he wasn't usually this crazy but that he was in a really bad mood and i was the only person he wanted to talk to. he even threatened to hurt himself
    -proceeded to stalk me all throughout the tenth grade. he had me worried for my own safety at times
    -he graduated, i moved schools, all was well until he messaged me about two years ago asking me to come to his house, despite telling me he had a girlfriend, and knowing i had a boyfriend
    -i was pretty sure he didn't actually have a girlfriend though, i think he just wanted to say it to see if i'd react. he was clearly hoping that i'd want to be with him again

    i'd like to say that that's where it ended, but nooooo. see, that time i went on vacation, i was in a city called antipolo. it's where my mom's family lives. in 2014 he started working at the ynares centre... which is in antipolo. the fact that he's really close to my family freaks me out a little XD

    he totally fits in with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, and 13. but... story's not over for me yet guys, because my current boyfriend is a yandere too...

    that's a tale for another time tho ;)

    1. Hey! I read your old comment and I am so glad you commented! I have been trying to find a way to get in touch with you! I felt so bad that the page wasn't working since it feels like your comment that you spent a lot of time on just disappeared! I am so so sorry! Would you like me to send you the original comment you posted? Parts 1-5? You spent time and effort to share with me and others it's a waste to let it go like that. Would you like it in case you would like to explain in depth about your story to others like you did for me? I can email it to you or something.

    2. hey don't feel bad, it was pretty much all just word vomit :P but yeah sure, email it to me. creedian.lit@gmail.com


    3. Hey! I wanted to reply since the first time you commented about Jack but got caught up in stuff ^^;. Anyways, wow, he's just like someone you'd find in a manga! I can see why you broke up with him, he sounds very temperamental and his demands from you were nearly impossible! (How can you not even talk to the men in your family? xD) Also, even though he might seem like the perfect yandere bf, he's unstable and honestly in my opinion your current bf is better :). Not only do you like him, (which is very important), he's more realistic than Jack was, which makes it easier to have a relationship with him. Jack being a stalker didn't help his case either xD

    4. Woah. @bookanon do you perhaps live in the philippines? Cause you mentioned something about staying in antipolo.

  2. aaaaand here i am again

    so unlike jack, my ex, my current bf is much more of a lowkey yandere... although even as i'm starting this i'm beginning to think it's worse than i originally thought it was.

    i hate to be crowding your page again so i'll try to keep this minimal uhh

    my boyfriend and i have been dating for 3 years now. if jack was a typical anime type yandere, my boyfriend's what i like to call a realistic type yandere. on the surface he's a really caring boyfriend, tbh even tsundere at face value but as i've gotten to know him i'm starting to think he's a little nuts.

    before we started dating, i had pneumonia so he brought me tea late at night and cared for me a lot so when we became a couple we were pretty head over heels for each other. he did really sweet things for me. like for example on our 100th day, he folded me one thousand paper cranes. he even bought us matching rings, so that was cute.

    thinking back, the first yandere tendency he really showed was #8, panic mode. if we weren't in contact for more than a day, he'd worry that something was wrong with me and he'd sometimes get angry that i hadn't messaged him to let him know i was ok. typical caring boyfriend behaviour though, right? that's what i thought, so i didn't think much of it

    i saw #12 next. he was always talking about our future together, and he always seemed pretty set on the idea that we'd get married and have kids and be with each other our whole lives... and i was down with it. still am, actually

    at this point i wanna say that my boyfriend doesn't act irrationally like i saw jack do, or how yanderes act in fiction. he's a really clinical, logical kind of guy, and if people act in a way he deems stupid he gets pretty pissed about it. that's why i like to call him a "realistic" yandere like i mentioned, because while i think he does have urges to act irrationally, he never does because he thinks it's stupid to do so. because of that, i haven't seen him exhibit #11 and #13 or #14. me being with family is unavoidable, he's good at reading me so if i hated him he'd know, and if we die at different times there's nothing he can do about it.

    and ffs i'm gonna separate these into parts again, i'm sorry LOL. this has been 1/?

    1. Do your bf like Anime too? And does he know you are in yanderes? xD

  3. 2/?

    now that i'm looking back on our relationship he actually told me he loved me the first day we were officially together. so there's half of #4 right there. (he doesn't say it often but when he does, he means it)

    and then comes #3. he had a lot of pictures of me on his phone at one point, just random pictures of me though, like ones i'd send to him occasionally or my profile pictures. he ended up telling me that when he formatted his phone he lost all of the pictures until i saw that his phone background was a really old one that had supposedly been deleted. tbh i think those pics were never deleted, i really think he has them all saved on his hard drive somewhere

    #15 has come up a bunch of times too. since we're both in post secondary now, he's been bringing up cohabitation more and more frequently. he's always talking about moving in when his third year starts, and at one point he shared this fantasy with me about having a dorm or apartment or something and having me live there with him

    right now all of this seems pretty benign right? nothing too crazy... well, i'm getting to the crazy stuff

    i don't even know how to classify this but i'll try and just talk about it. he's always been a really generous, loving guy with me. he buys me clothes and gifts and he's always thoughtful about it, as in he knows just what i'll like. eight months into our relationship, he bought me a cellphone and started paying for my phone bills. when i told my friends and family they were really surprised apparently because that's something a long term partner would do and at the time we hadn't even been together for a year. this past year for christmas he actually bought me a samsung galaxy s6 edge, no questions asked... ok, maybe he asked one question. he asked me which phone i wanted. he still pays for my phone bills. everyone thinks he's some rich guy but he really isn't, he works for his dad's company rn and he hasn't got a lot of money

    but tbh the point when i started thinking, "maybe my boyfriend is a yandere" was around a year and a half ago. i guess he got more comfortable with me, because his jealousy came on suddenly. it had been a pretty much normal level of jealousy but he started admitting things to me that made me think it was beyond normal. when we talked about what would happen if we had cheated on each other, i gave him the typical answer, ie "i'd just break up with you"

    but he was totally serious when he told me what he'd do. he said that he would probably go to jail and tried to leave it at that but when i pressed him he said something along the lines of, "i'd kill the guy you cheated on me with and probably keep you locked away somewhere"

    told you i was getting into the crazy stuff. and i'm not even done ;_;

  4. 3/?

    on our anniversary last year it was just me and him at my house, and it was pretty late at night. i was making a special dinner for him and he came up behind me all suddenly and was like, "you're not cheating on me are you?" it would have been pretty scary if he was just standing behind me and asking that LOL but he was backhugging me and asking it in a really sweet way

    and i was like "why would you ask that?" apparently according to him i'd been really affectionate that day and he'd read somewhere that if your partner was suspiciously more affectionate than usual it could mean they were cheating on you. tbh i was kind of amused by it at the time so i dragged it out and didn't really say that i wasn't (obv i wasn't but it was a little cute)

    he started kissing me and overall seemed like he was trying to seduce me XD which i was fine with and then he started saying that he wasn't going to be happy if i was cheating on him and that i knew what would happen if he found out i was doing things behind his back. he was saying it all in that really sweet tone and holy crap it would've been romantic if his eyes weren't completely serious. he said something along the lines of "if you tell me right now that you're cheating on me, we can talk it out. but if you're cheating on me and i find out you were hiding it, you're going to wish i didn't know"

    i started noticing that he wanted to tag along no matter where i was going. if i was hanging out with my friends, he'd come. if i was hanging out with my mom, he'd come. he always inserted himself into every social situation and if my friends thought he was a little odd before, they thought he was really odd after that. so maybe #11 isn't that far from what he did, actually, because it really seemed like he wanted to be there no matter what

    it was especially noticeable a few days before last year's anniversary, actually. we went out for lazer tag with one of my good friends (who happened to be a guy). when we got on the bus, there were three seats. i sat in the middle and my boyfriend told me to move. and i was like why? and he just stared at me and said to move again, so i did. he didn't want me sitting beside my friend...

    and then after, when we were walking back from the place, we were on the sidewalk and he was holding my hand. he was walking in between me and my friend, and i kinda stumbled and went in the direction of my friend and my boyfriend got really irritated and scolded me, saying to walk straight. tbh at that moment i thought that he was just mad because i bumped into him and he was sweaty, but later when we got home and i questioned him about it he confessed that he was feeling possessive of me and thought that i had been walking towards my friend, and he didn't want me near him.

    1. Sounds like an interesting boyfriend.
      Where are you finding all of these guys!?

    2. god tbh i'm not even done with this story i just came back to finish it LOL

      but yeah i don't really "find" them per se... my friends all joke about me attracting crazy guys, it's like a running gag in my group.

  5. 4/4

    from now on i'm referring to my bf as "ji"

    the other day ji was asking me what time i'd be home today, and i gave him a rundown of my schedule and said that i'd probably be back by 6.

    a little background info here, i'm getting pretty close with this guy. let's call him pres. pres is cool and really nice, and he helps me work out. i always visit him at work (because he works at the lounge in my school) and he's overall a good friend.

    so right after i told ji i'd be home by 6, he was like, "that's quite late. i hope you're not doing anything you shouldn't be doing with pres. and if you are, you'll wish i never found out." <<<< LITERALLY QUOTING IT FROM OUR CHAT. i reassured him and was like "just allotting extra time blah blah" because pres and i are honestly just friends. at that point i was already half panicking, half laughing, but then he took it a step further a few mins later and basically said "you can never do anything without me bookanon, remember?"

    i'm not putting that in context because tbh in context it doesn't even make sense. it had to do with me forgetting that i'd shown him something, though, and in context/out of context it's plain terrifying.

    swoon all you want at this, guys. i kind of did too. i think i mentioned this in my original posts about jack, but yanderes are kind of unnerving irl. i get flattered by a lot of the yandere stuff that ji does, but it's pretty creepy at the same time. i don't really know how to feel about all of this

    that being said. nanami!! thank you so much for this website! i've gotten so much joy out of your posts and i'm happy about how we've all become a great big male yandere loving community XD i'm especially happy that i kind of have a place to talk about my experiences with yanderes, and i hope that more people will talk about their experiences too. after all, male yanderes don't just exist in fiction :P

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. LOL but how it sounds I prefer Jack. But you are so lucky. I want one too!

    3. haha you guys XD

    4. "Ji" kinda reminds me of Jung from Cheese in the Trap. The fact that he's so realistic but yet yandere.... Enough said xD.

      But yeah I understand how you feel with them being unnerving but flattering at the same time. Yanderes are creepy period. For those who love horror and stuff we enjoy the creepy part of them.. in fiction that is. In real life I would never wanna be caught up in a horror movie. Also, based on my experiences with yanderes they are not all rainbows and butterflies.

      But, with that said, you are welcome! I'm glad you enjoy this blog and like you I am proud of what it has become! Thanks for always sharing, and you are more then welcome to continue :D

  6. 1/2

    i didn't think i'd be back to talk about another yandere ex... damn, i didn't even think i had another one. but here i am

    about four years back, sometime after i broke up with jack, i met this guy. we can call him san. san was a cool guy who i sometimes played minecraft with, but eventually we both kinda realized that we were attracted to each other. and tbh after that we never really "dated"... we were just sort of casually together, on and off.

    at the end of our relationship (if you could call it that) i basically said that i wanted to be serious, and he didn't, so i ended that. he was pretty childish and i couldn't deal with it anymore unless he wanted to actually commit to being with me.

    we stayed friends, though, and he even met ji at one point, saying "oh, here's the lucky guy!" san and i were cool for a long time until recently, which i'll explain... but i'm kinda warning you guys that some of the stuff i'm about to talk about is a little graphic

    so basically since san and i were together, i've gotten older and i guess i've filled out LOL because whenever i posted pictures of myself to my snapchat story he was always quick to reply with compliments. i didn't mind so much because he's always been a flirt, but at one point he basically called me a "hottie with a body" XD and afterwards, he messaged me on instagram about it saying that he was building up my ego

    we were joking around with each other and i was calling him names, and suddenly he said, "careful bookanon, otherwise i'll have to rape you to death" ji ended up seeing this and got REALLY angry. san eventually apologized for it, saying he was joking, but we didn't talk for a while after he said that.

    he finally messaged me after like a month of not talking, replying to a snap i posted of me at the gym. that was this friday, so the 22nd. later that night i was in the bath (shaving my legs because i hadn't shaved them for a while LOL) and he sent me a snap of him with a blunt saying "gonna get wasted"

    i replied saying "get wasted responsibly". and about an hour later, while i was still in the bath, he messaged me again saying "bookanon i love you, you're always looking out for me... you're my favourite"

    i was getting uncomfortable at this point and pretty much said, i appreciate that. then he messaged me telling me that he had a confession to make, and i told him to tell me. he didn't reply for a really long time... but then he did. and i'm going to paraphrase it because it's super explicit, but he basically said "since you don't want to be with me..." and trailed off like that.

    i'm ending it here and putting what happens next into a part 2 but before i start on that i just wanna mention that what i'm about to talk about is kind of unbelievable and i really wish it wasn't true but yeah... whether or not yall wanna believe me on this one is fine LOL i don't mind either way, but i'm just saying that it gets really messed up from here on out

  7. 2/2

    at this point i'm like, "ok san wtf do you want from me"

    about 20 mins later he sends me a snap and i'm thinking, what is this... when i opened it i kinda just lay there in the bath, didn't even have the sense to screenshot it

    it was a snap of him wearing a gasmask. he had on a vest with bullet rounds i think, and he had a rifle slung over his shoulder with a pistol strapped to each leg. the caption read "i'm gonna shoot up [insert name of bookanon's college here] on monday"

    first thing i messaged him? "don't joke about that, it's not funny." but he didn't reply for so long and i was getting really freaked out, so i messaged my good friend on skype telling him what had happened and he was like, "wtf is wrong with all these guys around you"

    i ended up calling another friend too and i was telling her about what san sent to me when san replied. so i opened his messages and he was saying stuff like "look out your window bookanon" and "snitches get stitches"

    by that time i was honestly crying and hyperventilating and screaming to my friend over the phone. i thought that san was standing outside of my window with guns, listening to me telling people about what he was saying to me. i thought he was threatening that he'd hurt me. i was sitting there in my towel thinking i was going to die tbh...

    i kept asking if he was joking and he FINALLY admitted that he wasn't serious. he was having a laugh about it, and asked why i was so mad. i have a screenshot of this part of the conversation so if anybody wants to see it, you can email me at creedian.lit@gmail.com and i'll send it to you with more info on what happened. but yeah, i was really angry with him and stopped replying to his messages.

    he seemed to get antsy because he was like "it's ok my princess" and things to reassure me like that, but i was honestly beyond consoling, so i think he got mad and said "it's your fault you know. you deny me and i'm bound to get mad".

    i didn't end up calling the cops on him, but i did talk to ji about it, and ji was really oddly calm when i was on the phone with him... like even when i said in explicit detail everything that san said to me, ji was just quiet and pleasant and helped me through it

    i'm beginning to wonder if ji wasn't actually calm though, i honestly think that he was raging on the inside. when i was calling him i really thought that he'd be ready to skin san alive, but he was so quiet the whole time. what kind of freaks me out is that i blocked san on everything but skype pretty much and called him out on what he did to me, and it's been a couple days and he hasn't said anything, and tbh yeah he could just be ashamed of what he did but i kind of have this bad feeling that ji did something to him

    sorry about the unattractive example of a yandere everybody... san's brand of yandere doesn't exactly tug at the heartstrings, but i felt like this was the only place i could post this where people would understand hopefully

    1. Hey! Sorry about what you had to go through with San... I think it's nice that you shared your story though because like I said before, yanderes are not all rainbows and butterflies and I think it's good to let people know about the darker side of them.

      Though I have to say, you really are a magnet for those crazy guys xD. But yeah, I hope Ji didn't do anything to him and I hope San doesn't bother you again in the future.

      It's a good thing Ji is calm in these situations because the last thing you needed was 2 crazy guys on your case xD.

      I hope everything turns out ok and once again thanks for sharing :). Also, it made me happy to know that you consider this place one where you are comfortable with to share experiences like this one ^^. I know others like me will understand.

    2. <3 <3 <3 thank you for the love nanami i'm so glad people like you listen!!!!

    3. i love reading ur "lovelife" (not try'na snoop bout ur story i just happen to stumble upon it here lol) t'was a weird but good XD BTW u from philippines? i live there too just sayin' i didnt expect yandere men exists here lol

  8. I kinda have a question? >.< A friend of mine sent me this page because I am clueless what to do..

    So I met this guy months ago in a game and we started talking and became really good friends.
    I am a very shy and insecure person so I normally dont share much about myself but I feel like we really connected
    as friends. We even agreed to meet at some point when we are both done studying. Which is really out of my
    comfort zone, because I almost never meet people irl. I dont like the way I look so I rather avoid dissappointing them
    and getting hurt. Because people always get this expectation that I look like this pretty, cute, shy girl, while all I am is just
    a boring, plain, lazy person who tries to stay on the background.

    I dont really know where to start..
    One day we had this really serious conversation and he told me he thought about killing himself a lot untill he met me.
    It really worried me that he said that and I was really glad that our friendship made him change his mind and feel better.
    That was also the first time he told me he loved me. Which didnt really creep me out in the beginning because I say I love
    you to all my friends all the time. So I said it back. We started talking everyday after that.. whenever I was online he would
    message me or ask me to play a game. I never really saw a problem with any of this.. I just thought we were becoming better

    A few days later he was telling me how he was giving up on love and asked me if I hated him and I told him I didnt and I
    liked him very much for the person he is and I loved him dearly as a friend. And he was like "so you like me?" and asked me if I
    would like him as more then friends (he said it was just a question and I shouldnt think anything serious about it). (Also my ex
    just up with me a few months ago after a 4,5 year relationship and we still live together and I have PTSD so I am really done with
    love) But I felt like being honest with him and told him if I wasnt in the position where I am now in my life I would probably
    have fallen for him. Because he is a really sweet, funny and attrective guy. But I kind of wished I never said anything like that,
    because things really changed after.

    Now he says he loves me multiple times a day and that he wants me (4). If I respond about us being friends he sometimes says
    scary stuff like he would kill himself but pretend he is joking afterwards (5). When I told him I tell my other friends I love
    them aswell and when we meet I always greet them with a hug and 3 kisses on the cheeks he said he would punch them if I were
    his and he doenst like me talking about my ex or other male friends (2). We talk everyday for hours (6). When I dont respond he
    will freak out..(8) Sometimes he get jealous of my brother because we are close (11) He talks about us being together and wants
    to make deals that if we havent found anyone in an amount of time we will get married and he also talks about making me pregnant
    and then pretends to joke again which frightens me sometimes (12) The do you hate me question or you dont like me do you pops up
    all the time when I say stuff like us being friends (13) What really scares me the most is that he has "joked" two times about
    locking me up when I visit him so I could never leave his side.. (15)

    I really dont know what to do here! I dont want to hurt his feelings .. like I said he is a really nice guy!! The things he says
    just scare me sometimes, and I dont know how to respond to them. I understand if this isnt a place where people give advice, but
    I dont know what to do really? So do you guys maybe have any advice?

    1. Sorry apparently I did something wrong while typing! >.<

    2. Seems complicated... if you continue having a close relationship with him, this "creepy" behavior only will becoming worst ... He is not really joking... but if you try to leave him he will try to have your attentions saying that he will kill himself... maybe is good to have a conversation with him saying that he is going too far and he need psychological help?... this type of people is dangerous...
      (sorry my bad english! >< )

    3. I already tried that but he is just ignoring it or saying why he needs help for feeling love :( he send me a dick pic today while he was in class and blamed me for it.. I'm seriously freaking out!

    4. Damn, you really got yourself in a bad position. Allow me to give you some advice, because as time goes on, he'll be even worse.
      You do not have romantic feelings for him, correct? If so, if I were you I'd find out why he loves you exactly, and completely change when talking to him specifically, so it feels like he's talking to a different person. This may ruin your friendship, but your friendship already kinda seems ruined anyways. Do things that will make him dislike you, and eventually after repeating the same actions again and again, he'll stop having romantic feelings towards you.
      Sometimes you have to try to make them stop falling in love with you, instead of trying to reject them without hurting their feelings.
      If he doesn't, then... good luck, man. Good luck. I wish the best for you.

  9. Haha, I actually like seeing things like this. I was searching around for male yanderes because I don't often see them portrayed in the media at all.
    Hope you don't mind me sharing a little story.
    Me and my boyfriend can probably both be considered yandere. We weren't like this at first, but we became like this the exact same way. Both he and I suffered through several years of bad luck with other people, and when we found each other, shit changed.
    We're pretty good to each other (for the most part), I cause problems sometimes because I have really bad anxiety, but nothing too bad. He exhibits signs of 2, 3, 4, sort of 5 (tells me I'm his reason to breathe), 6, 7, 8, and 14.
    His "deredere" side is the most prominent. He is CONSTANTLY telling me how much he loves me, how beautiful I am, calling me "angelic", a "goddess", etc. Which is usually a telltale sign of this. But I enjoy all aspects of him. I give him the same amount of affection back.
    He is mostly the possessive/obsessive type. He gets unnerved if another guy so much as breathes in my general direction. Because he views me in such a high light, he thinks every guy will be after me. I see things the same way. I get unnerved if a girl talks to him. My boyfriend (let's call him Jes) is very nice and sweet and cute (looks AND personality), and is extremely lovable all around. He's had girls chase after him before and women are fucking nasty. They're harpies. Lots are homewrecking sluts who have no problem disrespecting other peoples' relationships and sleeping around. So I barely trust any females outside of his family around him. Even our mutual friend. Whenever the three of us hang out together, I am silently seething and hoping she doesn't try anything funny.

    1. Jes has a lot of problems with anxiety. He is afraid I'll cheat. He's suffered pretty much every form of abuse before from other girls he's dated. He's stuck with them all for way too long because his heart is too big. He gets attached, and endures mind-breaking abuse before he calls it quits. Because of this, he has been taken advantage of. It's made him suffer way too much. It absolutely kills me when someone as unconditionally loving and sweet as him gets treated so poorly. I know a good bit of information about one of the girls. I'd kill her if I could. I know a lot about what she did to him. As for his other exes, I know nothing about them. Some of them live closer to him.
      The funny thing is, he said he'd still love me if I was a murderer.
      I'm visiting Jes next month. We're long distance. I'm flying 10,000 miles to see him. He's asked for my seating arrangements on the planes because he's afraid men will sit next to me. Every time I leave the house, he says "be safe" many times. He is more of the sweet, worrying kind of possessive. He does not try to control me.
      As for me, if I see a strange female interacting with him, I say "who is this?" and he will explain. We trust each other so we haven't needed each other's skype or facebook logins. He doesn't leave the house very much due to his role as a full-time caretaker of his house. It's an exhausting job. I never worry about females approaching him because they barely have the chance to.
      If Jes is having a random panic attack, sometimes he'll describe what he'd do if he found out I was cheating or betraying him. One time, he said if I ever went back to an ex or anything, he'd be crying and screaming on webcam while holding a knife to his throat and asking why I did that to him.
      Most people would see that reaction as a huge red flag, but I found it endearing. It didn't phase me at all.
      He also usually instantly dislikes any male acquaintances I make. One of them seemed to be subtly interested in me and was pushing some boundaries, but I was too oblivious to see how he was gradually making it more obvious. I cut him off a bit late, and Jes was not angry, but stern. He wanted me to set more clear boundaries, and I agreed with him. What that guy did WAS going too far for a while, but I was just too stupid and thought it was still harmless when it wasn't.

    2. Why are you a yandere? o_O

  10. Aaaanyways, thought I'd share a good bit of a story/some insight. I wouldn't take very kindly to women hitting on him, but luckily that's only happened once and he shut her down instantly. This is honestly the best relationship ever and we couldn't live without each other.

  11. I don't know why but I absolute love yanderes I cant stop searching on YouTube yanderes male voice acting but some of my friends think I am finally broken.

    I cant stop thinking of them and got that new boyfriend senior and typing on Google I wish I had one it would be absolute amazing but the problem is I don't know if it is a faze or not (-_-;) so should I be worrying or not? but one problem is I am a massive kruudere witch I don't if it is bad or not. or at least that what my friends say.

  12. whew, okay decided to post as anon for reasons (lol) anyways I finally found it guys. Finally got a yandere bf and I gotta say I'm happy but at the same time it's going kinda... bad. I got myself a stalker a yan stalker. This might end badly (lol). brb to post this.

  13. 1/?
    So little background on me and the bf: we're in an ldr. It's going marvelous.

    Bf-kun wasn't really very yandere until he got attached to me. So far displaying 2, 3, 4 (<-A LOT. MORE THAN NORMAL), 6, 8, 11, 12, 15, and soon #1. Now I say soon number one cause I accidentally showed him this list and he said (and I quote), "Maybe I should start checking your phone as well Yan Anon..." I stared at him and he said, "My parents used to do that to each other as teens." I kinda just felt shivers go down my spine (the good shivers mind you). So...my boyfriend might be a natural born yandere... but you know maybe it was a coincidence, so I asked him, jokingly, "Hahaha were they easily jealous as well?" He nodded, "Kinda like us."

    Well shit son. Anyways. Here are some yandere moments he's had:

    -jealous that I'm around little kids and not paying attention to me.

    -jealous of my cat

    -doesn't like it when other people hurt me. even if they just bumped into me by accident.

    -Has said and I quote. "If you cheat on me... well... you wouldn't want to find out." He revealed he'd kill the dude as for what he'd do to me he didn't answer.

    -constantly tells me he wants kids but at the same time he doesn't cause they'd take all my attention and I'm only his.

    -He doesn't want me wasting my time doing things around the house for too long cause he wants my attention for himself.

    -He doesn't want me talking to anyone but him.

    -Gets very easily worried if I don't reply to his texts (sometimes I fall asleep lol.)

    Now it might seem controlling but most of these things are fairly easy to deal with cause I don't go out much and have the social skills of a potato (lol)