July 07, 2016

Music Video ◊ EXO - Monster

*Hey guys so I am here again with another music video! The song Monster, by popular boy group, Exo, is yanderefic! The video, concept, song, and lyrics are all male yandere/horror themed. I think everyone who likes male yanderes would enjoy this song since it is so catchy! Give it a listen and pay attention to the lyrics since that is what makes it yandere material :). Enjoy~.*

Rating: 4


  1. yay! i knew you would do this one soon! i honestly recommended it the moment it came out! I love exo so when i saw this mv and read the lyrics i knew they were the ones <3

    1. Yup :). Thanks for the recommendation. I too felt like the song was yandere when I first saw the lyrics and then I got recommendations about it so I was like yup, definitely yandere then xD. I love exo too :). Who is your bias?? Mine is Xiumin <3.

    2. mine is chanyeol <3 but honestly now they are all my bias <3 especially baekhyun,sehun,D.O,suho, and xiumin <3 ( pretty much all of them hahaha)

    3. Aww, chanyeol is my second favorite :). And I know what you mean, the whole group is just amazing <3.

    4. They are originally 12 but the 3 quitted !