June 16, 2016

Music Video ◊ Up10tion - Attention

*Okay so I realized I haven't done music videos in a while even though throughout the span of my last music video post I've found some more which is bad. So, here I am with a KPOP song! For those of you who love KPOP and male yanderes I have a treat for you! This song by rookie boy group, Up10tion, came out a while ago and not only will you fall in love with the song and group, you will fall in love with the lyrics! It is about wanting a girl they like to pay attention to them only which just screams male yandere <3. I strongly suggest you check this song out with the lyrics on down below! Even if you don't like KPOP you should still check it out for the lyrics since they are so male yandere like :D.*

(*Make sure to click the captions on for the video to see the lyrics if you don't see them already*)

Rating: 3 (Music videos have their own set of ratings since it's hard to compare them to other types of male yandere media. A 5 rating for a music video would be History's Psycho so far.)

Type: - (I don't do them for MVs)

Side-note: Recently I have been feeling that even though the term yandere, is Japanese, Korean media seems to have a very good idea on how to portray them. Korean entertainment is more accessible than Japanese entertainment and does a pretty good job with the term in my opinion. I have noticed that they have really good male yanderes in dramas, webtoons, songs, otome games etc. I used to be iffy on male yanderes in anything other than Japanese manga, dramas, otome games etc. but I have been on the lookout for more Korean adaptions of this term. If you see a lot of posts on Korean adaptions of male yanderes know its because I have been hooked xD.

Also, quick question, would you guys like it if I was more active on Tumblr? I kind of just have the account to follow male yandere tags and blogs to keep myself updated on the yandere world but I could post and stuff too. I also feel like it would be an easier way to reach out to you guys rather than Google+. What do you guys think??


  1. You should check EXO's Monster ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSH-FVVtTf0 ).

    Here are the lyrics for reference:

    "I’ll flip you over, break you down and swallow you up
    I’ll steal you and indulge in you
    I’m gonna mess you up
    I’m engraved in your heart
    So even if I die, I’ll live forever
    Come here girl, you call me monster."

    1. Hey thanks! Listened to the song and it is total yandere goodness! I love EXO and this song just makes me love them more <3. I will post about this song when I get a chance. Thank you!

  2. I would love to see some yandere stuff from you on tumblr! Looking forward to it, for me personally it's more convenient ^^

    1. Thanks! I am in the process of setting up my tumblr. Hopefully it proves to be convenient and beneficial for you and others! :D

  3. The k-drama I miss you or missing you has a HUGE yandere on it!
    Also, can you post the link of your tumblr?

    1. Thanks! Have seen that title before but, have yet found time to watch it. Dramas are so long but good. Will definitely find time to watch it soon.

    2. Here ya go!
      Will make an official post about linking this blog to my tumblr account soon!