June 20, 2016

Miscellaneous ◊ Tumblr!

*So guess what! I have decided to link this blog to my tumblr account (⌒∇⌒)! I always had a tumblr account just to follow other blogs and keep myself updated on male yandere goodness but lately I have been thinking of better and easier ways to reach out to you guys since I really don't like Google+ all too much (◕︿◕✿). Tumblr seemed easy enough to use to communicate with you guys for when the blog is down and things like that. This blog will still be my main blog while I use tumblr more as a way to chat with you guys and keep you updated on this blog's progress and such :D. You are more than welcome to chat with me on tumblr (^v^)! Hopefully it proves to be more convenient and beneficial! I already like it since it is so easy to post and I can do it from my phone or iPad! I can't really make good quality posts with Blogger on those devices which annoys me since it would make my life so much easier (´・`). But, now I would be able to respond to comments and post more often! Check out my tumblr if you feel like it (^ω^)! It doesn't have much though since I just decided to start posting but it will fill up in time xD.*


  1. New places to stalk you for male yandere goodies... *rubs hands together like a villian*

    1. Haha yes, more places to stalk me xD

  2. KYAAAAA!!!!!!.MORE CRAZY BOYS!Thank you!!!!!