October 31, 2015

Miscellaneous ◊ Yandere Kings (Non-BL List)

*Hey fellow male yandere lovers, this is my 100th post believe it or not (*^▽^)/! I thought since it is my 100th post and all I should do something special. Not to mention it's Halloween, so this could also be a little Halloween special too, why not? xD To celebrate 100 posts worth of male yanderes, I have decided to make a list of my top yanderes in each category. I have picked the yanderes for each category based on which ones I felt defined the term yandere the best for that category. This list is totally just my opinion and anyone is free to disagree with me. This list is the Non-BL list. I will make a BL list someday (<--- I know, I hate that word too but I promise I will make one in the future). So without further ado, here are your Yandere Kings ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ.*

*Warning: This post contains spoilers*

Anime King
 Amnesia: Toma

App Otome Game King
Starstruck Love: Shion

Drama King
Last Friends: Sousuke

English Otome Game King
Princess of Ruin: Cyraen

Drama CD King
Yume Kare: Chihiro

Manga King  
Aishite Kudasai, Sensei: Kitou Hijiri

Japan Otome Game King
Diabolik Lovers: Kanato Sakamaki

Webtoon King
Metronome: Onyu

Vocaloid King
True Love Restraint: Len Kagamine

Manhwa King
 Flowers of Evil: Se-joon

Korean Otome Game King
Nameless: Secret Character (???)

*Well that's all for my list. I might make updated versions of this list in the future but, as for now, this is who I pick for each category. This was just my opinion and anyone is free to disagree with me. I actually am curious as to who the yandere kings are for other male yandere lovers (^▽^). If you feel like sharing your list with me, comment below (≧∇≦)/. Also, have a Happy Halloween! Enjoy your day today ☆=(ゝω・).*


  1. Last Friends completely destroyed me. I feel like a mess of tears and snot.

    1. It destroyed me too xD. I thought it was a really good drama. One of the best I have ever watched because it dealt with a lot of heavy themes.

  2. Luka- Michaela here, but I'm too lazy to login right now. Anyway, I knew Toma and Kanato would be on here! And you have a hundred lists already? That's so awesome! To be honest I can see an improvement from your old posts, the newer ones explain a lot more. Believe it or not I love that format since I'm knowing what I'm getting into. Going in blind is fun, but I like reading from your point of view.

    This is getting long...Anyway, congrats on a hundred posts!

    1. Thanks! And yes Toma and Kanato always follow me xD.

      Yeah my old posts had no effort in them it's bad. And, thanks! I am glad my rambling helps ^^.

    2. It's not really rambling, as much as it is explaining your point of view and relaying information to others. To be honest most people are too lazy to go through and try to find so many yandere guys. It's just really hard, especially with the language barrier. So yeah, your ramblings and research save other people time. And now that you're breaking down the guy in the game/anime/drama/ect, you're saving someone even more time.

      So yeah, I'm gonna shut up now. XD

    3. Thanks for those words of encouragement ^^. It's hard to find yanderes but, it is because of that same exact reason that I decided to create this blog. I thought might as well save someone else time and inform them when I find a yandere. This blog works both ways though since I receive recommendations from others who find yanderes like you! Thanks :D.

  3. Great list.
    Sorry, but I found stuff again....

    1. Thanks!

      Don't say sorry, I am happy for the new stuff I will check it out :D.

    2. Oh god I just checked out the links you sent, I thought it was a comedy-looking thing at first but then as it continued, I was like - "Wait... ;;_;;"

  4. Oh man, this list is really good and introduced me to so many great things. I especially love Kagamine Len being Vocaloid King on this list; he's always yandere for his one and only precious Rin <3 Gotta love that couple! Thanks for this great list!

    1. Thanks! I love the RinxLen couple too! And, you're welcome :D.

  5. Omg thanks for posting this! they were good for passing time o<>o
    btw when I was talking to my guy friend about yandere, he responded saying he dislikes them and is more of tsundere type. So to change his mind I linked him your blog of "why I love yandere" and his immediate response was creepy! :/ I was like don't talk to me ever ofc jokingly. I hate it when people say they find yanderes creepy. Why can't they appreciate the effort of love and it's passion *sighs*

    1. You're welcome :).

      Tsunderes are cute <3. It bothers me too when people say that but everyone has their own preferences. Yanderes can't be everyone's favorite but they are people who like them like you and I and that is why they exist. I just which there were more of them but it's okay ^^.

    2. To be honest, I like yanderes with some hint of creepiness. I like how they unnerve me. So I don't think that person was really wrong in their assessment of yanderes.

      I think the only thing that upsets me a bit is how people sometimes equate an enjoyment of yanderes to an advocation of yandere-like behavior in real life.

    3. I agree. The creepiness excites me. But, this might sound weird but as I started liking them more the creepiness became attractive (in 2D world of course) and now I see the creepiness as a romantic aspect like Saniya was saying. So now it feels "wrong" calling them creepy since I am not really scared or taken aback by them anymore. So when people say creepy I get defensive since the word has negative connotations associated with it. That is just how I feel though.

      I totally agree with you. I don't like the relation between the enjoyment of yanderes to the real world. Just because someone likes them in anime doesn't necessarily mean they advocate yandere behaviour in real life. I feel like people should realize that yandere lovers just enjoy discussing works of fiction with this trope. Just like any other trope.

    4. Me too. At least creepiness has no more a negative meaning for me. (The same applies to stakling) I caught myself inadvertently using this as a complimente. O_o Weird.

    5. Yeah it's weird how I consider yandere traits attractive rather than scary xD.

  6. cool list ^^ thanks for all you do for the yandere fans <3

  7. Here's my yandere "kings" list:

    Drama: Summer's Desire - Ou Chen
    I'm cheating a bit here since I dropped the series halfway because I couldn't stand the actor for the other guy, but I loved Ou Chen. He may actually just be ultra possessive (and not yandere), but I loved how intense he was about his feelings for the heroine. You could tell he was suffering badly from the heroine's rejection of him.

    Korean otome: Dandelion - Jisoo
    This was actually a hard choice for me and was a three way tie, but I thought the execution of the yandereness in Jisoo's route was superb. I was literally going "Oh my god" when I realized what was happening.

    Drama CD: Otona no Meruhen 3
    I loved everything about this CD.

    For the other areas, I don't really a "king" that beat out the others (at least not in the few minutes of me writing this post), or they were the same as yours.

  8. Thanks for sharing your list (^_^)/

    I have to watch that drama! It's been on my list of dramas to watch but I keep stalling it xD.

    I had the same reaction! The yandere aspect of him slowly creeped in and then when you realized what was happening it was too late xD! After playing his route you realize later that he was showing signs of yandereness all along! It was beautifully done, I agree.

    I still have to listen to it. I will get on it soon :D.

    Thanks again for sharing :).


  10. One of the vocaloid ( gakupo ) had a song " hyouhon shoujo" and it's kinda creepy. He made the girl become a puppet so she cant love anyone but him

    1. Thanks for the song! Will give it a listen :)