August 13, 2015

Game ◊ Blood Soup

*Okay so let me first start off with saying that I really enjoyed this game. Maybe even a little too much XD. I am saying this first because as you continue to read this post you might feel like I hated this game but that is so not the case. I wouldn't go as far as to call the game R18 but it is for a mature audience so keep that in mind before you play. I have a long review for the game so click Read More to hear my thoughts.*

Here is the place to download the game: Blood Soup
The game is available in both English and Spanish ^^.
I strongly suggest you play the game before reading my thoughts on it because I will spoil like everything for you XD.

Basically if you do not feel like reading everything under the Read More (and trust me it's long), to summarize, this is an RPG game where all the guys are "yanderes" except they're really not (^_^;) with the exception of one being borderline depending on how you see him.

*Alright so let me just say this. I really like what this game was trying to do. Basically this is a fan made game that features male yanderes inspired by another person (Charon) who makes female yandere RPG games. The game is labeled as a male yandere RPG game since all three characters are "yanderes". The thing is though, they really are not yanderes.*

*I was kind of excited when someone recommended this to me and when I checked it out. Based on the description, I was expecting an otome like RPG game where your love interests are all yanderes. Now doesn't that sound awesome? But sadly I was disappointed with the male yandere aspect of it. The game itself was really fun and I like the horror and mystery element to it but the yandere part didn't live up to my expectations.* 

*This is NOT a male yandere game. All 3 characters do not fit the description of male yandere to me. They were given male yandere traits, but it was not executed in a way to make the characters yandere. This is like the perfect game to explain to people what yanderes are NOT.*

*Now, you might be wondering why I would even post about this since there are no male yanderes in here. I do admit, this game belongs under Related so I should just put it there rather than make a post about it. The thing is, I just really felt like I had to address the issue with this game and post about it since it was a good game but lacked the essentials.*

-Major Spoilers Ahead-

*Let me first start off with the fact that all 3 guys in this game were murderers. Yanderes do not = Murderers (-_-). Yanderes, if they do become murderers, were because they were trying to A) Protect The Heroine or B) Get Rid of Competition. They only resort to violence though if their limit has been pushed. Murder is usually the last step for yanderes.*

*Now let me get to the fun part (I find the weirdest things fun by the way). I am going to go through the whole game step by step with a male yandere mindset and point out all the flaws and what the scene should have been like to make the guy a yandere. So basically this is my own review of the game. There are major spoilers after this so I suggest you play the game yourself first before reading my review.*


*So basically the game starts off with your graduation. Moe, the heroine says that it is her last day to declare her love to the guy she likes. You get to meet all 3 love interests and then get to pick your poison. When you pick the character you want you get to walk home with them. They invite you to their house. When I first played it I was thinking, so far so good. If you don't accept their offer the game ends there without anything really happening so you have no choice but to say yes since there is no story after you say no. What would have made this scene more yandere was if you refused they still pressure you into coming in anyways so basically it is like there is no way to refuse.*

A dialogue like this would have been yandere:

Yandere: Would you like to come in for a while?
Moe: No, maybe some other time.
Yandere: Eh... Why? It's okay just come in for a bit.
Moe: I don't know....
Yandere: It's fine, it's fine just for a little while. *While he slowly takes you inside.*

*That would have been a yandere move since they don't deal with rejection all that well. Instead though the game just says you lost your chance to confess to the guy you like and ends with a Game Over.*

*Now, this scene is not really a problem though. It's fine like this. The scenes after they take you inside is a problem.*


*Let's start off with Keith. This one is definitely not a yandere for many reasons. When you accept his offer he takes you to his room. You both just look on the Internet and chat. Moe mentions the fact they Keith looks happier and more open then usual. Good, that's a little yandere like. You ask to go to the bathroom and he tells you where it is. Now basically it's the adventure part of the game because on your trip to the bathroom you explore his house. I like this part of the game because you don't know what secrets lie in the "yanderes" house. When I first played I was so excited especially with this scene...*

*One can only imagine what a yandere would have in that room. I was expecting like a shrine dedicated to Moe or something with pictures of her all over the walls or something. But what I got was this...

*(-_-). "Okay that's fine maybe he hid pictures of her or something in the shelves or on the computer! Who knows what he might have on that computer if he had to put it in a locked room!" Is what I thought when I first played only to realize the room was filled with things about his Dad. Basically as you look through the room you find out that Keith's Dad was a police officer who got accused and arrested for murder. Then you find a newspaper clipping that says that the police found a corpse and they do not know who the murderer is. Alright so I thought 1st step to a psychopath. I admit that yanderes are psychotic and sometimes there are back stories as to why they turn out to be unstable and insecure. But really? Not one picture or evidence of Moe's existence in the room? It was all about his Dad which makes it seem like he is obsessed with his Dad. "Maybe he's yandere for his Dad?" No, because if he was truly yandere for his Dad he wouldn't have taken an interest in Moe and invite her over. So that's not the case either.*

*I didn't give up there though. I thought maybe this is just his back story or justification for turning out messed up and I continued the story hoping there would be more clues leading to him being yandere, not just a psychopath.*

This is what I got...

*Basically after you look through his room you find his diary. Reading through it you find out he is a sadistic murderer. Great, so the guy's a sadist. I don't really care. Some male yanderes are sadists like Kanato from Diabolik Lovers who I love <3 and Ryo from Starstruck Lover who likes to see the heroine cry. That is fine. The problem is that this was his diary and not one log about Moe was in it? Come on (-_-).*

*In his diary he also mentions how people are false and how they always give him false smiles and criticize you.*

A diary entry like this would have been yandere....

Today I talked to Moe again. It's nice seeing her smile......unlike the others. Everyone else is filthy. All they do is lie. Moe is the only one that is pure and innocent. She doesn't lie to me. Oh how I wish there was someway I could make her smile only mine...

*And if you really wanted to make Keith a murderer an entry like this would have made him a yandere...*

I got rid of the pest that was bothering Moe all the time. He kept touching her with his filthy hands and smiling at her with that fake smile of his... I knew she was feeling uncomfortable around him but she was too nice to say anything to him. Now she doesn't have to worry because I buried his corpse somewhere far away where he will never be able to get her...

*See that would have made him yandere. The diary entries just show that he is a sadistic murderer. It is not like he murdered someone who got close to Moe or anything which would be a yandere move. No, he just murders random people for his blood lust.*

*After exploring his room you find Keith in the kitchen and confront him about what you read in his diary. If you choose to run away he ends up killing you calling you the same as everyone else. If you choose to stay you confess your love to him and you two like happily ever after lol XD.*

The end where he kills you looks like this......

*This is not the face of a yandere, it's the face of a serial killer. This scene would have been yandere if in the first place he was obsessed and in love with Moe and had the diary entries above and the pictures of her in the locked room or something.*

*Also the yandere scene would be more like this, instead of him killing her and calling her fake like everyone else.*

From when he knocks Moe out..
Keith: You're awake?
Moe: What happened? Huh... Wait, why can't I move my arms and legs!?
Keith: I'm sorry... I had no intention of being rough on you. It's just that you read my diary didn't you?
Moe: ...!
Keith: Please understand! I did it for you! That guy put his filthy hands on you everyday. I knew you felt uncomfortable with him touching you so I had to get rid of him. Fakes like him don't belong in this world. 
Moe: You're crazy! Untie me!
Keith: I'm sorry Moe I can't do that. Because... if I do that you will run away won't you? That's what you tried to do earlier.
Moe: ..NO! Don't touch me. Let me go! Untie me!
Keith: Don't worry.. I will protect you forever. All you have to do is stay here. As long as you don't go outside you will be safe and we will be happy together....
Moe: (No....)

*If only that happened. To summarize his route I would call him a sadistic murderer who happened to take an interest in you and depending on how you answer he either kills you like the rest or falls in love with you. But, I definitely would not call him a yandere.*


*Here we have Charlie, the closest one to a yandere if anything. The thing is, he is not even yandere for Moe though :(.*

*Before I start I have to be honest and say that Charlie was my favorite guy. His looks and personality fit my tastes perfectly :D. Now, if only he was a yandere.*

*When Charlie invites you to his house and you accept obviously since the other option gives you a Game Over, he says he has to take a shower. My first thoughts were like "okay, so basically you want me to explore the secrets in your house," lol XD. I couldn't help but wonder why he went to shower right after he invited me in but I was like whatever at least he is being considerate since he probably doesn't want to smell like sweat after participating in the sports race. What a nice guy. But, I'm still gonna explore your house buddy. It would have been funny if when he was done he told me to go shower. Then I would have been like "where is this going o_O". But..he didn't so yeah he told me to watch TV but like who does that anyways so I started looking at his stuff.*

Oh yeah before I started exploring he hit me with this..

*Here's a tip buddy, when you tell someone not to do something they end up wanting to do it. Curiosity killed the cat and boy oh boy am I a cat. Right after he said that I was dying to know what was in that room. But to my surprise the heroine is actually pretty obedient and she doesn't bother to open the door. After all the snooping around you did in Keith's house you choose to be obedient now?*

*Well, that didn't matter to much since Moe looked through practically every other nook and cranny in his house. To my surprise he is kind of an old fashioned dude and instead of keeping his records on a CD or on his computer he had a bunch of cassettes hiding in his house and you literally had to play them as you found them one by one on the cassette player. Go figure. Even Moe thought so..*

*But seriously though, it would have made it so much easier for Charlie if he just had all his audio files on his computer in a folder locked with a password or something. I had to literally explore everywhere to find the tapes. They were even in places like this...*

*Well at least he hides them pretty well I guess.. As you search through the house you basically find out about Charlie's messed up past and parents. He especially hates women because of his Mom. From the tapes you find out that Charlie's brother Randy was the only one Charlie liked and took comfort with. Charlie's basically obsessed with Randy and I would call him yandere for Randy but the fact that he invited Moe over and took an interest in her rules that out. Just like Keith and his Dad, in this route every tape you find is about Randy (-_-). Like OK, it was nice to hear your tragic past and all but seriously, not one thing about Moe? Have all these guys just met Moe today or something?*

*So yeah after searching the house you basically find out that Charlie is obsessed with his brother and has got some issues which is perfectly OK. But all the clues don't tell you he is yandere. Not at least for Moe that is. But really some of his tapes were so yandere I was just like why. He really could have been yandere because this scene was just so yandere..*

*My gosh at this scene I was just like "I want you to look after me!" Charlie is really such a cutie who just needs someone by him side who will love him. The problem is he is so obsessed with his brother he forgot to be yandere for Moe (facepalm). Oh yeah and wait until you find out what was in Randy's room. After you find all the tapes Moe finally decides to visit the guy and guess what she finds...*

*The guy is a reindeer. My competition is a reindeer (-_-). Okay well in this scene you find out that Randy is a reindeer. The "Randy" in the room is an imaginary person, just a doll with a reindeer head. Well that's nice. After you like break Randy's head Charlie just happens to finish showering and finds you.*

*Yeah so based on how you answer him here he either kills you for hurting his imaginary lover or you, Randy and Charlie live happily ever after if you say you love him in a perfect threesome XD.*

Just in case you were wondering the bad end looks something like this...

*It's funny how showering again in this situation is what he was worrying about XD. I would consider Charlie borderline yandere. He has an obsession for Randy but I wouldn't go as far to call him yandere for Randy since he takes and interest in Moe and even in the True End he ends up confessing his love to Moe. He would have been yandere if he had no interest in Moe or if he really liked Moe in the first place and at least mentioned her name in one of the tapes. But no, everything was Randy, Randy, Randy like Keith and his Dad. Like if you are going to be yandere for your fake husband do it right and not take an interest in me. He even said in one of his dialogues that he didn't like Moe a lot or anything.*

*Tell me. What kind of yandere likes his love interest a little? This makes no sense like seriously when he kills me he says that and when I say I love him he says he loves me back like make up your mind.*

*So to summarize Charlie is basically like a non-Sadistic version of Kanato since just like Kanato he likes to talk to dolls and treat them better then the heroine. The difference is Kanato is actually a yandere since 1) He actually falls in love with the heroine and 2) He burns his doll for Yui as proof of his love when he confesses to her while this one just kills me and picks Randy over me (-_-). He even has the nerve to say he liked me a little. Like why did you even invite me over then!?*


*His route was the most entertaining to play. I just can't, the things you found in his house were just wonderful. He was definitely not a yandere but he turned out to be an interesting character for another reason.*

*So yeah when you enter into his house he tells you to walk around that no one is here. Well okay... I was planning on doing that anyways but it's weird to get an invitation to snoop around. He tells you his parents left him a while ago so it was weird to get the back story at the beginning of the game. With Keith and Charlie you had to find out about their family. So with just that I already had hopes that this one might be an actual yandere! He even said he'd make me a Strawberry Cake! (I personally love strawberry cake so after he said that I was literally craving it ^^;). Well that aside he left to go make the cake and Moe took it upon herself to walk around like he said.*

*When you explore the first floor you find a cabinet that is locked that needs a key. Well after playing Charlie's and Keith's route I learnt not to expect much from locked things since it probably has nothing to do with Moe anyways. So I just searched for the key without hoping for to much.*

*I checked the bathroom first and to my surprise there was a girl's uniform under a towel! My first thought was "This guy better not be cheating on me." Even Moe thought so...*

*Well that aside you find a key also under the towel so I immediately go try and open the cabinet. Inside the cabinet you find a bottle of Turpentine (oil). Having no clue what I might use that for I go back upstairs and explore the other rooms. I go into Guro's room and as I walk in a note falls off the shelf and on the note it says inside the Teddy Bear.*

 *I'm hit with a note that says I need something sharp to open the Teddy Bear so I head for the kitchen. But, before that can we take the time to examine his room? This guy is an complete otaku. He has mangas, a dakimakura, figurines, it's perfect! Just by looking at his room I gained respect XD. Now if there was only something about Moe in here but at this point I am like whatever.*

*His closet is also locked so I'm gonna need another key for that, and there is a portrait of his mother in his room. At first I thought he had a mother complex or something because after Keith and Charlie's route I realized that all the guys in here were obsessed with their family members but I kept that scary thought on hold. I was like determined to make this guy a yandere so I set off to get something sharp.*

*So yeah Guro is in the kitchen making the cake that I like and Moe just casually takes the sharpened knife and leaves the room. When I get into his room I demolish the Teddy Bear and find the key to his closet.*

Guess what I find in his closet...

*The guy is cheating on me! Either that or it is Moe's uniform or something. Now if it was that would make him yandere, if it was someone else's that would make him a cheater. At some point in the game it turned out to be a scene where the wife finds out that her husband has been cheating on her by finding clues throughout the house XD. So yeah Moe finds a cloth also near the uniform and I wonder where that is supposed to be used and I head out the room.*

*I encounter another locked room and I am completely astonished by this one because instead of needing a key, it needs a code. Like wow o_O. Where does an 18 year old get this kind of door? Did his parents always have a lock on this door like that before they passed away? For it to need a lock like that I can only imagine what is behind that door.*

The thing is though, why imagine when I can just open it! When you examine the paintings on the wall you find smudges on one of the paintings and you wipe it with the cloth and ta-da! You get the code to open the door ^^.*

When you enter the code and open the door you are presented with this...

*Scary music starts playing in the background and my instincts tell me to run but my mind is all like I just have to see what is down there. So I force Moe down the stairs and my face just lights up with what I find down there.*

*Like this is just awesome. I thought his otaku room made my day but no this just beats everything. The guy has a torture room. Wow. I'm just speechless. Moe looks at the things in there and just can't possibly wrap her fingers around why Guro has these things even though I know exactly why he has them.*

*Moe tries to leave but is attacked by a wild Guro and ends up in another room. Guro explains how she ended up here on her own and how he has no reason to put her to sleep with the poison in the cake.*

*Aww man and I was so looking forward to having that cake XD. So yeah you are trapped in the room and decide to explore and find a dead body and bones. Nice! He's a murderer also! Could this get any better? It actually does.*

*Okay so depending on what you do here makes the ending. When Guro comes if you choose to hit him with the skull you find you end up being able to escape but that is short lived since he catches you before you can leave and kills you (-_-). Like do I really need to die? Why not just lock me up or something why is death the answer?*

Oh yeah and in case if you were wondering this is what the uniform was used for...

*When Moe asks him why he's wearing a female uniform he just replies that he likes it. Man like that is cool and all everyone has their own hobbies but when did you have time to put that on while I was running away? Am I that slow? Or were you wearing it the whole time and I just didn't notice?" Well that's okay. As long as you are not cheating on me we're cool XD. But seriously did ya have to kill me (-_-).*

*What's funny is that if you call Guro a psychopath he says that he doesn't care he is proud to be who he is and he enjoys torturing people. At least he loves himself even if he doesn't love Moe XD.*

*If you choose to not pick up the skull you become Guro's torture puppet or love slave, depending on what answer you choose here..*

*But either way he tortures you (-_-). I really just... hah. In the end Guro is just some ultimate sadist who enjoys torturing girls. Like not all yanderes = sadists. Just because a male happens to torture a girl he likes it doesn't make him a yandere! I admit the poison in the cake was a Toma move but that was Toma's way to protect the heroine not to torture her!*

*When Moe asks Guro why he's doing this when Guro ties her up he says it's because he likes her. Like male yandere line used in the wrong context! Kanato from Diabolik Lovers once locked Yui up in the torture room but that was because she tried to run away from him with Azusa. He did it as punishment and even though both Guro and Kanato are sadists, Kanato's torture is done out of jealousy while Guro's is done out of pleasure. Plus, Kanato didn't even bring out a chainsaw like what the heck Guro XD?*

-Final Thoughts-
1) Male Yanderes ≠ Murderers
2) Male Yanderes ≠ Sadists
3) Any kind of male psychopath ≠ Male Yandere
4) To be a male yandere you have to at least LOVE the heroine not just like her a little (Charlie >_<)

*In conclusion I was just really disappointed with the male yandere aspect of the game. I really enjoyed the game and I would have liked it better if I played it without hoping for some yandere moments. The game should be described as a game where all obtainable guys are psychopaths or murderers not yanderes. That would have been more appropriate and correct to me. Calling them yanderes doesn't seem right since it totally destroys the one reason why I love yanderes so much, the fact that they LOVE the heroine so much it drives them crazy. In all 3 routes the guys were crazy from the start and Moe just happened to be their next victim.*

*Keith had a crush on Moe but she just had to find out that he was a murderer. It's not like he even murdered people who got too close to Moe or anything out of jealousy, no he was just a murderer who took an interest in one girl and depending on if she accepts him or denies him he spares her life.*

*Charlie was a boy who was semi-yandere for his fake doll named Randy but Moe just had to come in between them and ruin everything. But why did he even take an interest in Moe if he really liked Randy in the first place? I know he was lonely but come on. He liked Randy way more then he liked Moe that is for sure so considering him an obtainable guy that is yandere is wrong since in the first place he wasn't even obtainable. He was already obsessed with someone or something else.*

*Guro is just an ultimate sadist who loves torture. His next prey was Moe and that is all. It's not like he loved her or anything. He was just fascinated with her and dreamed to make her his next torture victim. There were no clues that showed that Guro was obsessed with Moe or anything and it's not like Moe was the only one he had these feelings for. In the room he locks you up in there was another girl's corpse that was decaying in there. That is proof that Guro has tortured other girls before and Moe is no one special really. She is just his next plaything. It's not like he built that torture room for her or anything, it's just his hobby. You can say he loves torture more then Moe.*

*In conclusion all three guys in this game were missing an important trait that all yanderes have, and that is an obsession and love towards their love interest. Without that you can't consider a character yandere.*

If you read this whole post then I thank you very much (*^▽^)/. I know it was a very long post, I even surprised myself with it! But, I just have to say this again, I did not hate this game or anything. I have nothing against it. I really enjoyed this game and would love to play more games like this! My post might seem mean but I really wasn't trying to be. It's just that as a male yandere lover I wanted to point out some misconceptions people usually associate with yandere. In no way was I trying to be offensive. I highly suggest you play this game if you haven't and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (≧∇≦)/.


  1. I can't even begin to describe how happy I was to read this entire review because you described my very thoughts EXACTLY! When I first played this game I started with so much excitement for fun yandere adventures and ended with confusion at what had just occurred. Although the game was fun, it literalyl symbolized all the yandere stereotypes that confuse the general anime community into believing yanderes are something else entirely. To fulfill a yandere description the love interest does NOT have to be a sadistic murderer ALL of the time. Not even close! Being a yandere only means that the character is driven to any extent because of their immense love/devotion that in CERTAIN situations they may be driven to drastic measure (such as murder in this case) but only as a MEANS for the heroine or her best interest. Yes, yanderes can be sadistic, but NO they are not ALL that way. And in the case of those who are sadistic, that doesn't mean they randomly harm the heroine for no reason at all. In those cases their sadism is once again driven by their obsession/love for the heroine so NO YOU DO NOT RANDOMLY MURDER OR HARM OTHERS BLOOD SOUP but only do so when it is directly linked to the heroine in a way that it will affect her. ugh. So yes, I don't know if any of that made sense because I'm typing this hurriedly on my phone and not reading through it but I just wanted you to know how much I agree with you. <333 Also random recommendation but I've been meaning to recommend the manga Oujitachi wa Izonsuru for a while now and kept forgetting to comment! The manga contains two stories - both containing incest (in case that bothers you/anyone) and the first containing a bit of yaoi (just to add to the already taboo incest lol). Both stories don't have overly yandere characters but I would consider them slightly yandere considering some of their actions and that they're willing to pursue such forbidden love because they love the heroines. :3 Anyway, thanks again for the review~ xx p a o

    1. First I just want to say thanks for reading my entire review! I know it's really long so I am happy that you took the time to read it :D. Also thanks for agreeing with me on my thoughts on this game. It did feel like the game symbolized all the yandere sterotypes!

      Oh and your comment make sense don't worry ^^. I've read the manga that you reccomended already and it was good :). And I agree with you since I consider the characters in it yandere.

      You're welcome ^^.

  2. Oh! Also forgot to suggest another manga named Bokura no Koi wa Shi ni Itaru Yamai no Youde ! So far the manga has shown the male lead as more sadistic than yandere and at first I was afraid he was just straight up sadistic but as the manga continues it's clear that he is absolutely in love with the heroine and his actions are just his desperate attempt at acting on that love while dealing with the situation they're in. I definitely recommend you check it out! xx pao

    1. I've read this manga and i totally agree on your take! did you manage to read the ending?

    2. I've read this manga and I agree with you also ^^. I was worried if he loved the heroine too because without that he wouldn't be a yandere but he does :D. He's a special type since he cares for both his brother and the heroine but doesn't want to acknowledge that his brother is dead or let the heroine go. The manga is interesting since you see how he struggles to deal with that situation. He keeps looking for a way to justify his actions towards the heroine by using his brother as an excuse.

  3. Hy Nanami-chan! It's maybe my imagination but this IS the LONGEST review you ever posted!! XD well,I love it so there's nothing bad to tell you about it! Good job (*^▽^*)

    Btw,I want to tell you something to be honest. This is maybe a bit too late,but I just find a very interisting manga which has yandere male in it (I suppose), if you are big fans of vocaloid..then you must know about this. It's called "Aku no Meshitsukai" or "Servant of Evil" which is a fan-made manga and unfortunately only has 1 volume (T_T)

    It's a very very good yet so tragic story (even I cried when I watched its video for the first time lol)

    But if you,I mean IF you don't know ANYTHING about it then you MUST watch it ! Cause you'll regret if you not XD

    I'm sorry for talking too much but I hope you don't mind to tell me what do you think about Len (Allen in the novel) ? Is he a yandere as well ? Tell me please because I do think he's a yandere ≧﹏≦

    1. Hi Nabilah-chan! It is not your imagination. This IS the longest review I have ever done. I was even surprised myself when I did it. I had so much to say it ended up being like my own walk through of the game XD. And, thanks!

      Oh actually I haven't heard about the manga so thank you so much for informing me about it! I definitely will look at it! :D\

      Don't worry you are not talking to much! I will get back to you and tell you my thoughts when I read it :). I hope he is a yandere too!

  4. But lemme tell you something before you read the manga ! I think you should watch its video first. It was vocaled by Kagamine Len from vocaloid.

    It has 3 vrsion which first is "aku no musume" or "daughter of evil" and "aku no meshitsukai" or "servant of evil" and I forget what the third is XD

    if you love tragic ending then you have to watch it! I hope you'll like it (*^_^*)

  5. My thoughts exactly

  6. lol this post is hilarious. did the ppl who made this game think that these were supposed to be yandere? haha. but to not even really love the heroine? as an otome game that is disappointing.

    1. Yeah a lot of people have different interpretations of what a yandere is. The game was fun I didn't really find it disappointing but it's just when I heard yandere I was expecting something other than what I got.

  7. This reminded me of the stories on Quotev. The guy is more of a killer than a yandere. Which sucks since killer yanderes are really intense.

    Oh! I started playing an app game called Star Struck Love. I know one guy is a yandere, while the other two could be borderline. Just thought you'd want to know.

    1. Yup it did remind me of Quotev stories too. I agree that most of the yanderes on Quotev are killer ones. But, at least the yanderes on Quotev are yanderes, in this game they weren't to me.

      I am familiar with the game starstruck love I have played it and posted about it on this blog. The game is filled with yanderes :D.

  8. I didn't read the entire post as I didn't want to spoil myself. But I did saw a pic and it seems you use ubuntu. My comment is irrelevant to this game but how were you able to play windows game on Ubuntu?

  9. where do i can find the game in spanish?

    1. Here..

  10. i can't get the tape from the pot god dangit >:c

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  12. Hey may i ask you on why can't i interact with the cloth in charlie's route?